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We are experienced with all brands and types of televisions.  Television repair has been our specialty for over 30 years.   We keep current with all of the newest technological advances.

We first started with CRT (picture tube) sets.  Now we specialize in L.E.D. (also known as Light Emitting Diode) and other backlit televisions. 

Give us a call with your TV model number and symptom to see if we have your parts in stock.  We can also order your parts if they are available.

Please do not call with televisions 46"' and below as 90 % of the time the cost to repair outweighs the cost of a new one.

DO>>> make sure when you buy any appliance or television that you get the extended warranty option as

they do not last as long as they used to .  

Island-wide in-home servicing and installation options available.  

Call us at toll-free at (888) 334-0262 and/or email to johnselectronics2010@gmail.com for more information.

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