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about the owner

I have always been motivated to repair equipment of all types from a young age.  Originally from Buffalo, New York.  I worked on a dairy farm with my family.  When the milking machines would go down I would be the one to get them back up and running.  After graduating from high school I joined the United States Marine Corp.  I loved being a part of the USMC but after seven years in it was time to move on.  Honorably discharged from the USMC as Sgt.   I relocated to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 1995 and have been here ever since.


1981 - 1983: Attended Vocational Technical School with an emphasis on Television Repair

1983 - 1990: Ground Radar Technician in the USMC; honorably discharged

1991 - 1993: Electronics Technician for Canyon Rent-To-Own on the island of O`ahu in Hawai`i

1993: Part-time Television Repair Technician for his own repair business at residential locations on the island of O`ahu

1994: Relocated to Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai`i to be the Electronics Technician for Canyon Rent-To-Own; Also working part-time to continue to build his own television repair business

1995: Parted ways with Canyon Rent-To-Own; Established John's Electronics Hawaii as it is today,

expanding from just TV Repair to TV Sales, Service and Installation